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  • How to do the Monday morning Top-Down and Bottom-Up Analysis (video)
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  • Webinar with an overview on the “Busted Breakout” strategy (video)
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Truths about the Forex market!

Remember: Trading & Investing is a unique combination of Science & Art. It seems easy, but it is not…
Why is it difficult? Whatever you do at your best requires unconscious competence (similar to driving a car).
Only then you are able to flawlessly execute a well thought-out trading plan to become consistently profitable!

Gabriel Grammatidis is head of the competence center Foreign Exchange (FX) in the Van Tharp institute. He has been active in the financial markets for more than 30 years.
After his career with global Asset Managers PIMCO and AllianzGI, he has now specialized in system development.
The Busted Breakout Strategy is one of the systems he teaches in his FX workshop at the Van Tharp Institute.