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IntuFX is a vibrant trading community where committed and like-minded traders meet, learn and grow into successful, consistent traders. We have been mentored and trained by Dr. Van Tharp to trade the systems developed by Gabriel Grammatidis during his Super Trader Program under Van’s close oversight. Since Van’s passing in 2022, our community has only grown stronger continuing to share Van’s remarkable legacy with both experienced and upcoming traders.

Gabriel’s Background

Gabriel Grammatidis has more than 40 years of trading experience with Futures, Forex, Crypto, Stocks and Options. As an original Super Trader, he has been a passionate trader coach at the Van Tharp Institute for over a decade. Gabriel is known for being one of Van’s most accomplished students who has successfully adopted Van’s concepts and trading research into his own trading and mentoring.

Gabriel’s passion for trading the markets sparked when winning a stock trading championship at age 14 (mid-80ties). Before leaving grade school to attend college, Gabriel was already actively trading stocks, options and the commodity futures markets. He earned several international Masters’ degrees in Economics and Business Admin and went on to hold executive positions at both PIMCO and Allianz Global Investors - two world-class firms in Investment Management.

Born in Switzerland of Greek and German parents, Gabriel has always felt a natural inclination to the international capital markets. Before the creation of the internet and online charts, he would go to a nearby city bank office casually to discuss charts he had drawn on paper with a new data point coming in every day. He experienced the deep drop in price of the famous stock market crash in 1987 and was later able to double his options account trading the Japanese stock market bubble into the nineties.

Trading & The Van Tharp Institute

After working successfully in the corporate world for almost two decades, Gabriel decided to take his passion for trading and personal development to the next level. He enrolled in Van Tharp’s private Super Trader mentoring program in 2008, and 2 years later, began professionally trading the markets full-time as one of the few graduates coming out of the Institutes’ elite program.

Van offered Gabriel to teach his Forex Trading Systems through a Workshop at the Institute in 2011, later followed by Futures Trading Systems and Crypto Trading Systems Workshops. For over a decade, Gabriel was an instructor at VTI teaching the systems he had developed during his Super Trader program under Van's close oversight – the same systems he teaches today.

As well, Gabriel was selected to teach both the renowned Peak Performance Workshop and Oneness Workshops which were one of Van’s favorite workshops at the Institute.

Coaching & Trader Development

Over the years, after conducting further research into trader development, Gabriel was able to carefully design a unique, structured and highly effective Trader Development Program by combining Simulation Technology with the principles of Deliberate Practice and Tharp Think.

Gabriel’s first experience of this highly effective form of learning in a deliberate way was during his Junior Tennis Career, where he competed at a national level in Germany. He noticed that deliberate practice had already been applied to many other high-performance activities, however, yet to see anyone properly apply this to trader development.

Apart from the feedback provided by an experienced coach, his teaching involves the use of ‘ignition’ for his students. This includes the interaction with experienced traders acting as role models to provide advice and inspiration. These two elements create the deep practice environment. Chunking up complex tasks in small pieces to be learned, mastered and integrated by the aid of simulation technology ensures rapid growth in a very short space of time.

Gabriel’s experience shows that a trader can significantly speed up his trader development when growing in a classroom like setting with a committed group of like-minded traders. What is typically a long, frustrating and sole process can be turned into a joyful experience of exponential skill growth. This marked the beginning of his passion for trader development, coaching thousands of students worldwide.

Gabriel’s unique mission:
To develop successful, consistent traders within less than a year.

Workshops & Group Mentoring

Gabriel’s 12-month Trader Development Program begins with a Systems Workshop, followed by a series of intense Group Mentoring programs offered at IntuFX, described below:

A) Trading Systems Workshops

Forex Trading System Workshops - once a year in March.
Futures Trading System Workshops - once a year in September.
Crypto Trading System Workshops - March and September.

See website for more information on Workshops, eCourses and other aids he offers.

B) Group Mentoring programs

Group mentoring starts once the Systems are taught through a 5-day Workshop. Bootcamp, Live Markets Pro and Masters’ Journey are consecutive mentoring programs that are highly effective to achieve trader consistency.

1) Trader Simulation Bootcamp:
A 4-week hands-on, intensive and interactive simulation exercise actively trade-simulating a large number of trades to reach flawless execution by applying deep practice. This training provides experience equivalent to trading the live markets for more than 1 year. Apart from trading the setups and applying the exits, participants learn to spot the various patterns with its individual nuances and develop the skill to gauge pattern quality. Swing trading, pyramiding and advanced exits are part of the learnings.

Students hugely benefit from the MasterMind Group Bootcamp Blog where Gabriel evaluates the trades taken. The focus is on learnings trades, aha’s, mistakes made and best practice examples that provide the room for growth. The Blog is used to review, study and grow during and after Bootcamp.

2) Live Markets Pro Program:
A 3-month program that builds step by step the capability to trade the complexity of the live markets based on a traders’ Personal Trading Game. Applying deep practice, participants first develop their live market process, then learn to efficiently execute it trading live. In this program a lot of trader growth emerges and we witness exponential skill growth worth several years of trading. At the end of LMP, a good number of traders typically achieve consistency already.

3) Masters’ Journey Program:
A 1-year program with the goal to become an Independent Trader and to develop a competitive advantage against other traders by working on individual trader edges. Here the focus is on mental state, psychology and consciousness state. During this program traders are working on their personal development to reach trading mastery applying the systems taught. This is Gabriel’s Masters’ Class of students that regularly meets and shares experiences. Some of those traders appear in Gabriel’s YouTube channel “IntuFX”, as well as in the Weekly Trader Insights newsletter.

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