Futures Trading Systems Workshop

September 2024! 
Futures Trading Systems Workshop.

At Regular Price $3,995.
Workshop limited to 50 seat!

Workshop limited to 50 seats!

Regular $3,995

Note: For all courses the general policy is “one-ticket, one-person”!

This is a 5-day live-streamed workshop (recordings available) with 2 main parts:
Futures Trading Systems and
Futures Live Trading.

Futures Trading Systems shows you what it takes to trade 3 Futures trading systems with an edge including extensive, hands-on trading experience through screenshot examples and trade simulations.

The two Futures Live Trading days are the perfect complement to the three-day Futures Trading Systems Workshop as we trade the Live Markets together applying the 3 systems.

Learn The Best Possible Way: First through learning the rules, then deepen your understanding through trade screenshots and a live-replay trading simulation software. The Live Trading then teaches you how to scan the market (process) and how to spot, frame, evaluate and execute trades. What an Experience!

Plus, when you sign up for the course, you'll also receive exclusive bonus material including life-time access to MasterMind student networking Blog, 3-month after-workshop email support, and more (see List of Bonus Add-ons below)!

Workshop Dates in 2024:

Day1: Thursday, September 19
Day2: Saturday, September 21
Day3: Sunday, September 22
Day4: Tuesday, September 24
Day5: Thursday, September 26

Futures Trading Systems
Futures Trading Systems
Futures Trading Systems
Futures Live Trading
Futures Live Trading

Note: the extra time between the workshop is for you to review the systems to help you get the most from the next day of training.

Times: 9:00 am ET - approximately 5:00 pm ET (live streaming). End time will vary depending upon the progression of each class. 
Click here to see when it is airing where you are!

Recordings: Recordings of each class will be posted the next day and will be available for your Review for 4 weeks after the air date.

Our trader community has grown a lot over the years!

We love to see our trader community grow in size even more!
So, we decided to offer two additional, Special Discounts!

Special Discounts:

A: Bring a Friend & get 30% off of Simulation Bootcamp (value >$600).
The 2nd person cannot be an existing client.

B: Bring your Spouse or Kid & get 50% off the 2nd person (value 1,200$).
The 2nd person cannot be an existing client; Kid is < age 21.

Both special discounts are granted on request, please get in contact via gabriel@intufx.com.
Note: Discounts A & B, plus other potential special discounts, cannot be combined.

Testimonials: James, Rui, Pan, Jules - Successful Futures Trader Examples

The Opportunity - There is Power in Patterns!

Trade Futures With Courage and Confidence: Bonuses and Benefits Included.

There's nothing quite like the pain of a missed opportunity—a success that could have been. How do you make sure that you won't miss the next one?

The answer starts with trends. The stronger, more powerful a trend, the more patterns start to show in the markets - patterns of a higher quality.

Over the last few years, we've seen many such patterns, and with them, huge opportunities for traders. Will you take part?

Super-Trading the Futures Markets: Begin Your Journey to Mastery!

Dear Traders,

Over the years, Dr. Tharp found that many traders (both novice and experienced alike) talk themselves out of trading the Futures Markets. This is unfortunate as Futures represent one of the most effective trading vehicles you can find trading the markets.

You surely have noticed that a good number of commodities have started to move in spectacular ways since 2019/2020. Think about the strong V-shape recovery of US Equities (after the Corona drop), the break to new highs in Gold (beyond the $2,000 mark from back in 2011) and the drop in Crude Oil to well below $10 in early 2020 to just recover to above $100 in just a few months. These are remarkable moves and Gabriel, together with his traders, has beautifully been able to benefit from these.

We foresee more volatility coming up during these times of uncertainty. Volatility is good news for traders, especially Futures traders. Do not miss the big number of opportunities presenting themselves to you now and in the years to come.

Take your trading to the next level!

Why don’t you trade Futures already? In most cases, it simply comes from a “fear of the unknown,” and that fear limits your ability to reach a higher level on your trading journey.

For instance, see if you agree with any of these statements, or others like them, about trading the futures markets:

“I’m really afraid of the gap risk when the market opens the next day.”

“I need a much larger trading account.”

“The Futures contract specifications seem so complicated. I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“I don’t want to take physical delivery…where would I put it?”

It’s unfortunate because it’s here, in the Futures Markets, where some of the world’s best traders go to create immense wealth and consistent profits for themselves (whatever the direction of the market).

Every day in this almost 24h market, smart traders at every level use Futures to trade different Asset Classes both Long and Short to achieve their goals in this global marketplace. Examples include the SP500 with ES, the Dow with YM, Gold with GC, Crude Oil with CL, Natural Gas with NG, T-Bills with ZB and Bitcoin with BTC.

Today, thanks to one of Van’s most ambitious and accomplished Super Trader graduates, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the EXACT way he trades these markets. He calls it, The Metrix Experience, a blend of the story from the movie The Matrix, and Metrics, the numbers behind it.

This workshop has been specifically designed to give all traders the courage and confidence they need to consistently trade the Futures Markets. Please read on to learn more about this unique opportunity.

Your Instructor:

Your instructor, Gabriel Grammatidis, is a professional trader with more than 40 years of successful trading experience trading Futures, Forex, Cryptos, Stocks, and Options. He began investing as part of a school project, and before leaving grade school to attend college, he was already actively trading Options and a Commodity futures account (mid-80ties).
He earned international Masters’ degrees in several countries in both Economics and Business and went on to hold executive positions at both PIMCO and Allianz Global Investors - two world-class firms in Investment Management.

After working in the corporate world for more than a decade, he decided to take his passion for trading and personal development to the next level. In 2008, he enrolled in Van Tharp's original Super Trader program under close personal supervision of Van Tharp. 2 years later Gabriel had graduated from the program that only a few traders in Van’s program had been able to achieve. Gabriel began professionally trading the Forex and Futures markets full-time.

Gabriel has a passion for teaching people and helping others in their trader development process. Over the years Gabriel has developed a very effective approach for traders to develop based on the principles of Deliberate Practice. Gabriel is known for developing trader talent through Workshops, Group Mentoring and Individual Coaching. His personal mission is to develop full-time traders within less than a year (which he regularly does).
Now, he’s ready to coach you to success in the Futures.

Born in Switzerland of Greek and German parents, Gabriel has always felt a natural attraction to the international nature of the currency markets. Growing up in Germany, he’s worked and traveled extensively outside the Eurozone. The 24-hour Futures market allows him to apply his systems to various timeframes (from very short-term to Weekly charts) at any time of the day that best fits his lifestyle.

For more information detail, click "About Gabriel"

The Course and Teaching Method:

Day 1 - All You Need to Know About Futures

Gabriel will begin to take a deep dive into the futures markets, where you will discover:

  • Why Futures, due to being traded almost 24hrs a day, let you manage risk significantly better than equities
  • Which Futures contracts and Asset Classes are great for trading and in which timeframe
  • How specific “market traps” give you numerous opportunities to trade low-risk ideas to your profit
  • Which “counter-intuitive” trade ideas are your best friend, and how they allow you to recognize an edge before the crowd
  • How to mimic Gabriel’s belief set so that you have a good chance to quickly become profitable

Before the end of Day 1, Gabriel will cover all of the parts of his first system, breaking it down for everyone to learn. It’s during this time that you will know and understand:

  • The 6 main building blocks of each setup that Gabriel trades
  • The “sweet spot” moment you need to look out for to increase your probability of success
  • How an excitable Test Bar looks like and how it can be used – similar to a slingshot - to run for other peoples’ stops
  • What chart patterns to look for as well as avoid and how to recognize them early
  • You will learn a lot about the fight, or emotional war, that goes on between the Bulls & Bears, how to stay safe, and then go with the winner at the right moment
  • What different types of trends there are and which trend type allows you to trade which system

Day 2

After going through some of the trade screenshots of System 1, Gabriel will introduce you to the EXACT trading simulation tool he and his students use to get up to speed with any of the new systems. Each of the three systems Gabriel will share with you has been enhanced by its use. You will learn:

  • Why simulation matters when learning to trade new systems and how to hugely accelerate your learning curve and thus success with it
  • Why the “hook” coming from a volatile counter-trend price move is so crucial for all three systems, and what it adds to your entry confidence
  • How to determine the quality of a pattern, enter at a precise entry-level, and follow a multi-component exits algorithm
  • How to dramatically increase your confidence as you practice in the group optimal entry/exit strategies including swing trading a day-trade

Gabriel will also cover how to reach the appropriate mental trading state BEFORE starting your trading day. This is invaluable to everyone in attendance.

Later in the day, Gabriel will break down system 2, a harmonic price pattern, which offers both the highest Expectunity and SQN of all the systems he trades. You will gain several insights here, including:

  • How to determine the unique structured harmony that this pattern requires
  • How to trend trade a false counter-trend market break
  • What traps and hooks to look for during the market phase of an emotional battle
  • What system 2 patterns are NOT tradable, keeping you out of harm’s way

Day 3

Finally, Gabriel will again help you put into practice what you’ve already learned, and trade in a simulated environment.

During all practice sessions, Gabriel simulates at the front screen demonstrating correct trade analysis, evaluation, and execution. As the trades go by he will ask for more & more group involvement. Many former students have said that this exercise was crucial to fully understanding the nature of the systems.

He will break down system 3, which can give you the highest Win Rate of all the systems offered. Gabriel will again show you the ins and outs of various entries and exits, as well as share with you additional, in-depth Super Trader techniques for getting into the proper state for success.

Before the close of the workshop, he will talk about a student’s typical trader development path and how the different levels can be achieved quickly by applying the concept of Deliberate Practice. He will explain what flawless execution looks like, and why THAT should be your goal.

Because Gabriel is a Super Trader graduate, he knows that if you adopt the beliefs, mental states, and strategies of exceptional traders, you can achieve similar exceptional results.

By registering today, you have the opportunity to join him along with a small group of fellow traders, including some in my current Super Trader program. As you join, be prepared to put into practice what you’ll learn… you will not be disappointed.

Successful Futures Student Examples and their specific Trading Games:

Deep Practizing the Rules for Each System in the Workshop:

Have you ever attended a trading workshop that taught a lot of methodology and a bunch of rules, only to find that you had trouble trading it when you got back home because you did not know how to apply the theory in practice? Gabriel had that experience and wanted to prepare the traders at his workshop better.

Students in this course come away with a solid understanding of the trading process because they practice the setups, entries, and exits in the class. Gabriel makes extensive use of a trading simulator (live history replay) with which actual trades are traded fast forward in class as if “live.”

After a thorough review of each system, he slowly walks you through a number of trades on each system that has multiple time frame charts—basically, the same screen setup that Gabriel uses to identify setups, entries, and exits. All of these trades use recorded historical data run on a software system that reproduces the price charts from the date and time in the live market. You will be able to watch the setups happen in quick motion as he explains how to get ready for and make the entry, and then how to get ready for and make an exit. After walking the class through several simulations, Gabriel involves the students in the decision process for pattern detection, entry, and exits as they acquire competence.

When the first three days if the workshop conclude, you’ll already have a good sense of trading each system—which means you’ll have a running start. And just to be sure, Gabriel provides everyone with pages of additional example trades to keep at home and study.

Experienced Trader Student Having Gone Through Trader Development / Testimonial:

“I am an experienced trader already, and, having traded without a system in the past, I was partaking in “naive practice” and never knew it. The systems brought focus to my trading life. Whereas before I spent an enormous amount of energy and effort trading more randomly than I thought I was. It is amazing how now I have the freedom to shut off news and other people's un-ending opinions. Instead, I focus on executing the system's rules only. The ability to now focus my energy onto the systems is very liberating. I exactly know now what to do at any given time.

As I was learning the systems, I found a connection to them in some way... that I have sort of 'seen' a lot of aspects of these before in the live markets, but without knowing what I was seeing or how to trade it.

Exit management: I did not have rules to exit before, and I was always in doubt as when to exit. Now I have an exit algorithm that both takes the confusion away and provides a guide as to what to do at any given state (incl. ways to apply discretion).
I no longer view price action in any threatening way anymore. While in a trade now I have the freedom to either exit via the algo, or pyramid and build size.
It is a complete turn-around to how I viewed price action after putting on a trade in the past.

Gabriel is very calm and well mannered and he is very different in spirit to the majority of traders and coaches out there.
I can absolutely recommend this course to anyone that is serious about putting the effort into trading – for both experienced and novice traders.” 

– Charlie S. from Raleigh, NC (Trader and Real Estate Investor)

Futures Live Trading - What to Expect:

This Live Workshop is a very important part for experienced and novice traders alike. It is the hands-on training where you apply and execute the Futures systems you just learned. Gabriel will show you an efficient scanning technique to go through the vast matrix of the trade universe to find those opportunities you want to focus on.

Gabriel will discuss and demonstrate trading the three systems in different timeframes and in different Futures symbols. The Live Trading course is an in-the-market learning experience where students have a master coach by their side and are able to apply the trading concepts in the real world — in real time. In effect, this is an extension of Gabriel’s teaching as many ideas and concepts of the systems, as well as the scanning & trading process, can best be explained and taught in practice. Watch, listen and learn as Gabriel shares with you the exact steps he takes to prepare for the trading day, find opportunities, and deploy his specific systems during the trading day. This “real-life” course is an important follow-on learning experience in several regards.

Gabriel is a rule-based discretionary trader—the type of trader that Dr. Tharp has found to be the most successful. Discretion does not mean doing whatever you feel like at the moment. Instead, Tharp Think principles describe discretion as a means to use rules in a disciplined and logical manner complemented by experience and intuition. For trading a system with discretionary rules, there are conditions and parameters for the discretion.

The process of mastering discretion is iterative and reinforces Van Tharp's trading concepts and tools. You will see, understand, and apply this Tharp Think Principle as well as others as part of the course. Whether you consider yourself a trader or an investor, a full-time professional, or a part-time trader, Futures markets offer ample flexibility to fit your preferred style. One of the goals of the Live trading workshop is “generating positive R-multiples”, but more importantly, you will take home a full array of “AHA!” moments and learning experiences that will help you execute much more effectively when you are back home. These live trading days will give you the opportunity to accelerate your progress to “unconscious competence” for trading your new systems. Once achieved, flawless execution and consistently achieving your Weekly goals become reality.

Gabriel’s systems are based on visual chart pattern recognition. As such, train your eyes with an experienced coach in the room will enable you to detect trade opportunities. You will apply the rule-set to identify the different setups and entry signals. You will also perform entries and exits in the live markets.

Based on how the markets open and react on the morning of the first day, you will craft your weekly and daily trading plan by applying Gabriel’s three Futures systems. You can choose to trade your own platform with your own account (“paper trading” recommended), all under the guidance of Gabriel who will offer thorough direction and individualized feedback.
Gabriel will monitor the markets, analyze charts, and execute trades.

Your Benefits:

  • To get a practical handle & feel for the platform, indicators used, and multi-timeframes
  • See, understand & apply the systems to their specific patterns and indicator setup
  • To get an understanding of the complete trading process from preparation, trade evaluation, execution, and daily debrief
  • Use of a proper Position Sizing strategy and risk control
  • Use of an elaborate Exit algorithm that can be used for all kinds of markets
  • See how a Trading Journal is used and why a Trade log offers an edge
  • Additional tools and techniques you can use at home to get started

The Building Blocs of the Futures Systems (example S2: Turtle System):


You get Post-Workshop Instructor Support!

Approximately three weeks after the workshop, Gabriel will hold a Follow-Up Group Q&A Call to see where everybody stands, answer questions, offer support as needed. As well, he will provide very useful additional trading tools for you to use when starting to trade.

See List of valuable Bonus Add-ons that will be provided to you:

Successful, consistent traders <1 year by applying the 12 KSFs (David & Darren)

Futures Students Live Market Trading Journals - Playlist

Gabriel’s Passion & Mission

Gabriel has a passion for his students to grow in trader development so they are able to trade the systems back home in a consistent way. He offers various degrees of mentoring support after each Workshop to reach this goal through Group Mentoring and Individual Coaching. Gabriel is known for developing trader talent by applying the concepts of Deliberate Practice, Simulation Technology and Tharp Think. From his Workshops we regularly see successful traders emerge.

Gabriel’s Mission: Transform YOU into a consistent trader in less than a year!

Gabriel is a great example of how an experienced instructors is willing to help you make real progress on your journey to mastering the trading game. He truly wants you to succeed and so he is willing to offer ongoing support and encouragement.


Gabriel's Futures Trading Workshop

Rui's Experience - a Successful Trader Example

Q & A With Your Instructor

Q: How many systems and what kinds of strategies will we be learning?

A: I will teach three different systems that are based on low-risk ideas. All of them are trend-following in nature and involve a unique visual price pattern based on the psychological dynamic of buyers and sellers. Using price charts, you will learn the patterns and understand the specific edges of the setups. Being counter-intuitive and involving an excitable price action event, they are initially not easy to execute, but this is the exact reason why they work so well!

Q: What are the Asset Classes the systems are designed to be traded with?

A: Basically, all asset classes of the futures markets can be traded. This gives you an edge already as you are not limited to only trading Equities/Stocks Long. With trading Futures, you are not only flexible with what asset class to trade but as well in which direction – Long or Short. Most of my students (including myself) trade the Equity Indexes, Metals, Energies, Interest Rates, and Other such as the Bitcoin Future. Each of those asset classes offers multiple Futures contracts to be traded (eg for Metals they are: Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, and Copper).

Q: What are the timeframes the systems are designed to be traded in?

A: Here again, you are free to trade any timeframe as the three systems are based on human psychology. And in this respect, the markets are completely fractal. All three systems can be traded in timeframes such as 1min, 5min, and 15min to 60min, 240min, daily, and even up to Weekly or Monthly charts (some of my students prefer even to trade 5 and 15 seconds charts).

I prefer Day and Swing Trading, and, once the trade develops, I may decide to transition it into a Swing Trade on a higher timeframe to let it develop into a BigR multiple. My trades tend to evolve over a time period of anywhere from 15min to a couple of days, and in some cases of strong trends, even over weeks. As an example: for my students, I called out an S2 trade Long on Gold Monthly mid of last year 2019, as well as just lately a Silver Long Weekly trade based on S1. Both trades, which are more like an investment, have been swing traded now and are still on with a big gain already!

Q: What is the SQN of the systems?

A: The SQNs of my systems are between 3.0 and 4.8, ranking them all in the “Excellent” category of Van’s trading system classification. I believe that markets operate in a fractal nature, and the systems work equally well on any timeframes. You’ll have the flexibility to adapt the systems I present to fit you and your trading style in whatever timezone you live.

Q: I understand that the biggest Futures exchange is in the US. Do I need to trade during the US open hours?

A: No, not at all! True, the biggest Futures exchange is the CME Global platform located in Chicago. But as the name states, this is a global futures trading platform, and, for 20 years, trading Futures has become a real global marketplace. I only trade the Liquid Futures listed on that global platform and they trade basically 24h a day (with just a small break). These global contracts are so liquid during the 24h cycle that transaction costs (mainly the spread) are very, very low. This is the reason why you can trade down to a 5-sec chart. My students trade the markets from all over the world - be it the US, Europe, or Asia-Pacific.

Q: How would you describe the nature of your systems?

A: I like to trade clean charts with not too many indicators by following a very structured approach. As an example, they do not require 2nd guessing on entry and how to apply the exits. Well, initially, you need to decide if the trade quality of the pattern is good enough to be traded. All three systems are counter-intuitive in nature and are based on a Market Trap to lure in counter-trend traders. Market Makers do join the crowd as they love this trap that generates lots of volume – this offers you big pockets of instant liquidity to capitalize on.

First, I want to see an excitable price action even against trend direction – the Hook or the “last kiss” – that offers a great low-risk entry. All three systems require this as well as at least one stop-run level in trend direction. This is the level that price is drawn towards and huge stop-run moves are experienced when running for other peoples’ stops – all to the traders’ benefit. Once the counter-intuitive logic of the systems has been understood and implemented, it is not only fun to watch, but very profitable, too. You can sit relaxed and observe how counter-trend traders are squeezed out of the market as they have to cover their position in a panic.

Q: What is the required capital needed to trade these systems?

A: I generally recommend a minimum of $20K. Though when starting out trading a real-money account, you should start smaller. To do so there are ways around trading a full Futures contract that has a fix position size. Alternative trading vehicles, depending on where you live (US or outside of US), that are fully correlated to Futures are available.

Q: How much trading experience should I have before attending?

A: Attendees at this workshop should understand the various uses of market, stop, and limit orders, and understand Tharp Think. Ideally, you have some chart-reading experience trading stock, ETFs, Forex, or anything else. I have seen, especially in my last trader group, fantastic advances in trader development within only a month or two. With guidance, novices can move very fast. Obviously, the more trading experience you have, the better! However, this is not a guarantee that you will move faster than others. You might need to un-learn some of the concepts you have acquired in your trading career so far.

Q: We see a lot of your Forex students coming to this workshop to learn the Futures systems. How do Forex and Futures complement each other?

A: Ideally you want to have more trade opportunities available per day as needed, then you can be more relaxed and selective on trade quality. The Futures market is very specific in its’ market structure and this requires a specific set of rules. While the fundament of a great FX trade is a high-quality consolidation pattern in volatility contraction and a tight stop, Futures requires increased volatility (and not even a consolidation), a Test Bar, and a very strong trend. For Forex traders to adopt the Futures systems is fairly easy as similar "ingredients" are used such as the known moving averages and the concept of multiple timeframes. However, the trend definition, setup rules, entry and exits are unique to capture the opportunity inherent in each market. Trying to apply the Futures systems to FX charts proves to be very ineffective, indeed.

Q: Will recordings be available?

A: Video recordings of the sessions will be posted the following day and available to review for four weeks.

Trader Feedback on the Workshop & Systems

The top benefits I gained during the course…

The trading systems are clear with established rules for identifying the appropriate markets and conditions for trading (explicit rules for entry and exits). The course underscores the importance of personal psychology and mental conditions for successful trading.
The course helped me to appreciate that trading, like any skill, requires practice and the proper psychological framing, and that deep practice provides an excellent foundation for shortening the learning curve to become a successful trader.
— Ian L. from Henderson, Nevada (Lawyer) 

The Concept of a low-risk idea as a combination of defined system rules and discretion. 
How a single system is fractal in nature and can be applied to trade any timeframe, even down to 5 second charts.
Gained an understanding of the primary mistake traders commit by abandoning a system instead of working on their psychological aspect.
— Kartikey D. from Carlotte, NC (IT Project Manager) 

A proven roadmap to develop and become a mature and successful trader.
— Ken M. from Singapore (Pilot)

The best aspect of the course was…

Gabriel's course is very well planned and laid out. It is impressive how well Gabriel has developed his systems and the course material to be able to teach these systems to traders.
— Ken M. from Singapore (Pilot)

Supportive teaching and dynamic learning environment. Gabriel is an excellent teacher who has a deep love of passing on knowledge and unlocking human potential. This genuine care for his students is evident by the way Gabriel has structured the course and encourages to ask questions. I was amazed at how much progress and knowledge I was able to obtain by the end of the first 3 days!
— David M., from Sydney, Australia (Boat Mariners Manager)

The Futures Live Trading days: to experience the live markets and trade the systems learned in the course.
— Jolanda V. from Amsterdam, Netherlands (Full-time Trader)

It was definitely the trader development process. I had been system hopping for two-three years trying to be successful in day-trading, but it wasn't working. There was a realization that system hopping is definitely not helping, but was unsure what else to work upon. I saw a glimpse of the trader development process as part of these workshop and understood this is the missing piece and where I need help instead of reinventing the wheel on my own.
— Kartikey D. from Carlotte, NC (IT Project Manager) 

Very international student group with people from different parts of world
High quality of teachings and materials. Difficult questions were always precisely answered.
— Jacek S. from Warsaw, Poland (Financial Controller)

My biggest surprise of the course was...

Looking back, you will not believe how much you have grown in both profits and as a trader. There are many "aha" moments and too many to name. The Futures workshop will provide you with very interesting insights taking you to the next level and many more.
— Bernie B. from Utah, USA (Retired Systems Analyst)

That I can learn to trade, I can do this! I always thought that trading was a very difficult or near impossible skill that only a few elite individuals were able to do because they possess superhuman talent. Gabriel was able to break down the complex tasks of trading and his systems into small easy to understand and manageable bite sized chunks. I am still amazed at my development and understanding.
— David M., from Sydney/Australia (Boat Mariners Manager)

The detailed outline and roadmap provided of successful trader development.
— Ken M. from Singapore (Pilot)

The Live-Trading days were quite hands-on with a lot of interaction between the Gabriel and the attendees.
— Holger F. from Eastern Europe (Full-time Trader)

The Q&A sessions with experienced traders from Gabriel’s Masters’ Class. Only a year ago, they have been where I am now. Amazing how they developed into successful, consistent traders.
— Anonymous from Hong Kong, China (Medical Doctor)

How did you like the Systems taught?

Once explained, these counter-intuitive systems were easy to understand. But they challenged some of my existing beliefs. It was interesting to learn the foundation beliefs about trading, and how those beliefs were used to define system rules.
— Kartikey D. from Carlotte, NC (IT Project Manager)

I believe that counter-intuitive systems in trading work best, so I thought that the edge coming from the Test Bar – an excitable price action event – that works as an integral part of the systems is quite remarkable.
— Ken M. from Singapore (Pilot)

The systems fit my personality and I belief everyone can trade the systems and become the “owner” of them in timeframes that fits them best – from Weekly down to 5sec charts!
— Jacek S. from Warsaw, Poland (Financial Controller)

The systems are very concise and can be traded in any timeframe and with all commodities. Thus, you never run out of opportunities allowing you to concentrate on the best quality setups.
— Francisco C. from Florida, FL (Grain Merchant Risk Manager)

How do you evaluate the Instructor?

Naturally born instructor who combines Passion to markets (successful trader in different markets) with Psychology and Sport (tennis). That explains why he uses a Simulator and why he applies the concepts of 'deliberate practice'.
— Jacek S. from Warsaw, Poland (Financial Controller)

Coach Gabriel is a very focused teacher, and, in his mastery of the markets the best I have seen. His dedication to the student is bar none.
— Bernie B. from Utah, USA (Retired Systems Analyst)

Gabriel is a very approachable instructor, patient and pedagogic. There are a lot of learnings to draw from him, on top of the systems he teaches. He truly is a role model as trader, instructor, coach and as a person as a whole.
— Leo J. from Lyon, France (Event Manager)

10 out of 10, lots of positive energy.
— Francisco C. from Florida, FL (Grain Merchant Risk Manager)

You are fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.




If you are not completely satisfied after the first day of the workshop, you may request a full refund before the start of day two, no questions asked. We gladly take this risk at almost every workshop we offer, believing that the value we give you far exceeds the cost for you to be here.

What Van Tharp said about Gabriel’s Workshop:

With your registration today, you’ll begin the process of adopting the successful mental states, strategies, and beliefs necessary to trade the Futures Markets. With Gabriel’s commitment to teaching, you will come away with the tools you need to trade this market and achieve the results you are striving for.

You will have a hands-on experience and dramatic advantage over other traders in this market. You’ll get more than strategies... you’ll work with a true mentor and fellow traders on your journey to trading mastery.
Take your trading to the next level!

Watch Gabriel’s Hommage to Van “The Work continues!”

To your success,
Gabriel Grammatidis and (in our hearts and thoughts) Dr. Van Tharp*
* Van passed away peacefully in 2022

We cannot stress how important this workshop can be for successful trading. The workshop could quickly pay for itself in preventing one loss you may have otherwise taken or from the profits of one new idea. More importantly, what you learn from this workshop will benefit you for a lifetime. If you are not sure if it is for you, feel free to email Gabriel. He will be happy to discuss your situation and provide advice.

To contact: gabriel@intufx.com.

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