Tharp Trader Type Resources

Since Van's passing (2022) and the subsequent closure of The Van Tharp Institute (2023), Gabriel from IntuFX has taken over the work to continue!

Gabriel has worked very closely with Van for more than 15 years while he was developing his trading systems. Gabriel was an instructor at the Van Tharp Institute for more than 12 years teaching his Forex, Futures and Crypto trading systems through workshops. These systems were developed over several years under close oversight of Van.

Gabriel is a trader, trader coach and system developer and you can get in contact with his vibrant trader community at:
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IntuFX / ProCoach LLC was granted the rights to use the Tharp Trader Test and the Tharp Trader Happiness Test for the benefits of the trading community. 

The following website honors the life and work of the late Dr. Van Tharp:

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